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The film "Unexplainable" by Pete Schilling is a visualization of the creative process that normally remains hidden in the mind of an artist. The question: "What is creativity?", however, can never be fully answered. It is something magical. Unexplainable. The protagonist of the film is the musician Robin Soho.

Director: Pete Schilling

DOP: Niklas Hill, Pete Schilling

Sound-Design/Mix: Moritz Staub

Gaffer: Thorben Winkler

Editor: Pete Schilling

1st AC: Johannes Suntrup

Colorist: Lutz Forster

Producer: Martin Schilling

VFX-Retouching: Tim Hunkemöller

Lighting Technicians: Clemens Florack, Paul Schön

Assistants: Duy Vinh Vu, Veronika Penz, Paul Muders, Tim Hunkemöller

Set Photography: Veronika Penz, Paul Muders, Tim Hunkemöller

Talent: Robin Soho

Production: Neuland